Benefits of Dedicated Server
What is Dedicated Server?
dedicated server

Business small or big, it requires to choose from a wide range of options to serve their Website, Web Application or Mail Server. Now, the most common option is of a shared server in which different number of websites share a single resource, but for companies looking for more flexibility, full control and choice of operating systems and hardware over their server(s) opt for Dedicated Server. In this, it gives its clients CPU, RAM and the Disk Space they need which is of course not shared with any other company. It builds and also maintains the server, so the client is not under pressure.

Over the years, there are many providers who offer Dedicated Hosting Servers such as Dedicated Windows server hosting and Linux server hosting.

Now, since you know what dedicated server is, we will provide you with some benefits of these servers that you can go through and then take an informed decision of whether you want dedicated server or not.

5 Benefits of opting for a Dedicated Server

1. Resources not Shared

In Dedicated server you get the entire web server for exclusive use. The server’s Disk space, RAM and Bandwidth now belongs to you. Even in the peak of the business hours your business will give high performance. You have access to the server where you can add software, change settings and access the server logs. With this you can drive your website just like you would drive your business and you don’t have to worry about other websites clogging up your space.

2. Unique IP Address

As you know, each server has a unique IP Address. This gives you an edge as compared to the shared server, where IP Address is also shared. Now, this limits your performance because if the shared website is a spam site then it will lower your websites’ rank as well. With, Dedicated Server it means you have a unique IP Address which is important for mostly large businesses and E- Commerce site.

dedicated server base

3. Enhanced Performance and Security

If your website experiences a huge amount of traffic then Dedicated Server is a best option for you. It stabilizes and gives more reliability which in turn increases the performance of your website.

With Dedicated Server, you can be sure that you are not sharing any space with a potential spammer or malicious website. It enhances the security for particularly big companies having their transactions over FTP or SSL. It also includes Firewalls and Security Monitoring. This gives protection against any malware and hacks.

4. Flexibility

It allows clients to customize their need for Disk Space, CPU, RAM and Software. It allows organizations to have customizable server and give the choice to choose from the platform and software they really need. It allows to modify services and applications as per the market expectations and changes. It gives more storage, backup and processing whenever you need. Since, every consumer has different needs and they want a quick access and faster page loading for a better experience, you need to have a dedicated server.

5. Manageable

If a company has no time to manage a server by themselves, then Dedicated Server is what they need. It is as Low-Cost way to access the resources of a full server. It handles the cost of building and maintaining the server and also improves their returns on the investment. Best part of having a Dedicated Server is that it gives 24x7 Support for maintenance and other issues. The time can be consumed for designing and other important policies.

Now, since you are aware of the benefits. You must also know that Dedicated Servers are far more expensive than shared server and is a best option only for big businesses and E-Commerce sites which deals with a large amount of traffic and they have a need for better security and customization. You must know your company needs before choosing the best server for you