Benefits of having a SiteLock
What is SiteLock?

It is Cloud-Based Security Software which protects your website from Malware and other Malicious Threats from the outside. Now these threats can be of any type for example, your personal data and information can be leaked or can be used by the hacker for ill purposes.

SiteLock offers three main functions that include- (i) Finding (ii) Fixing (iii) Preventing.

The software runs scans across the website to find any Security Breaches. After the first step of finding is completed, it then fixes the malware and also protects your website from such breaches in the future.

Moreover, when the software has completed the scanning, your website will be able to display a SiteLock Trust Seal at the top corner. With this anyone visiting on your site, they will know that your site is safe to visit and free from any ill practices.

Now since you have an idea of what SiteLock is about and how much it is important. We will further proceed and know other benefits that it has to offer.

Benefits of having a SiteLock

1. Scanning

SiteLock helps to scan the malware before it can affect your website. It then targets those malware and destroys them so that you enjoy a smooth functioning of your website. It also protects your data and the data and information of those visiting on your website; it can be of your customers. So it becomes important that before it can harm your website, it scans all the threats and protects you and your customers’ relation.

2. Protects

This software protects your data and information from the hackers. If a hacker gains access to your website then he/she can use your and your customers’ vital information like Credit Card Numbers, Login ID, and Passwords etc and can use them against your wish. They can also host illegitimate content on your website!


3. Builds Business

Since your site now has a Trust Seal, it will become easier for the customers and people to know that your website is safe to use and that their information is completely safe with you. This in turn will create a sense of Trust between you and the customer; it will help you to gain confidence of your customers and will also generate more traffic and sales on your website.

4. Speedy Recovery

IIf your website gets infiltrated or damaged or hacked by any means, SiteLock will help you recover your website against any of these odds mentioned above. After the completion of the three main functions, SiteLock will help to recover your website so that you can use your website like nothing happened. It also helps you to find a quick solution to all the problems your website will face and will also fix it!

5. High Compatibility

With SiteLock, you don’t have to worry about installing any other software or hardware in order to make it compatible to know the threats. Instead only SiteLock is sufficient because it is a Cloud-Based Technology, so the moment it gets to know your website it starts its work and scans all the malware on your website.

6. Validity of Business Data

SiteLock helps to verify all the E-Mails, Addresses, and Phone Numbers of your business. An intense scanning and verification will give you the confidence that the information is correct and that you can go forward with the data. It will ensure smooth service and will help you gain confidence form the clients.

You know that you can never put a price on the security because if security is compromised in any way, the trust and confidence in your business and website goes away in no time. It is always important to secure your website first rather than regretting it afterwards. Isn’t it?

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