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What is SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer ,it is a global standard security technology which provides an encrypted conversation between a Web Server and a Web Browser. Widely used by millions of people around the globe so that their sensitive information and data like Credit Card Numbers, Usernames, Passwords are secured and there is no risk of it being stolen or being tampered by a hacker. Also, SSL allows having a private communication between the two parties. Moreover, SSL certificate is also called as or referred to as “Digital Certificate”

To create a secure network between the Web Server and the Web Browser, an SSL Certificate is installed, it serves two objectives-

i. It authenticates that the user is on a safe site and not on a bogus site.

Now, there are three types of SSL Certificate- Single, Wildcard and Multi- Domain.

ii. It secures the data and information that is being transmitted through these websites

Now, there are three types of SSL Certificate- Single, Wildcard and Multi- Domain.

Who may need an SSL Certificate?

Any individual or party who wants to secure their confidential data and sensitive information on the Web. Now since we know about the SSL Certificate, we may also know how to recognize whether the site is having an SSL Certificate or not. For this we have to look for 4 major signs- IP Address is also shared. Now, this limits your performance because if the shared website is a spam site then it will lower your websites’ rank as well. With, Dedicated Server it means you have a unique IP Address which is important for mostly large businesses and E- Commerce site.

i. Padlock to the left of the URL.
ii. HTTPS URL prefix instead of just HTTP
iii. A trust Seal
iv. A green address bar (when an EV SSL Certificate is issued)

Moving on, we would know how and why an SSL Certificate is important for you.

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Purpose of having an SSL Certificate

Since we know that our information is so vital for us and we have to secure it from any damage. We have listed below four such purposes as to why you should get it.

1. It Encrypts Sensitive Information

The primary reason of the SSL certificate is to keep the information across the Web encrypted so that only the receipt can have access to it and no other third-party can access those sensitive information. It becomes important because the information that you pass across the Web goes through numbers of computers before getting reached to the destination server. Any party between you and the destination server can see your credit card information and other important information and can misuse it. With SSL Certificate the information becomes unreadable and only who and the destination server can read it securing it from the hackers and thieves.

2. Authentication

Along with the encryption, SSL also provides authentication. This simply means that it checks whether the information that you are sending is to the right server or not. Since there are a lot of computers through which your information has to pass through, it can be that an imposter can try to trick you and pretend to be the right server and gather all your personal information. To secure this, it is important to get an SSL certificate from a trusted SSL provider.

3. Trust

Web Browser gives visual clues through which you would know that the site is secured or not. These signs include a lock sign and a green bar. This means that the users will trust your site more if they see these visual clues and will be more likely to buy from you. SSL providers also give a Trust seal which makes it much easier for the user to know and their trust in you increases. It also saves the customers from the phishing attack (backlink). A phishing email is sent by a criminal who tries to impersonate your site and in that email is a link which is used for hacking. But if you have a proper SSL Certificate, you and your customers won’t fall for any Phishing attack because the user will look for a sign such as a green bar or lock and they wouldn’t find it there.

4. PCI Compliance

You have to pass certain audits that show that you are complying with thePayment Card Industry (PCI) Standards in order to accept credit card information on your website. This can be done through an SSL Certificate.

So are you now ready to get an SSL Certificate as soon as possible? Because your safety is in your hands now. Always take an informed decision and protect your sensitive information.